Central States Program

Be sure to read the entire webpage for all of the details. Cost & registration information is located farther down the page.

2022-23 Season Information

The St. Louis Knights Central States teams participate in the Chicago-based CSDHL, an elite Tier II league of teams administered by the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois . This program offers players the opportunity to compete against the best AAA and AA talent from around the midwest. The CSDHL program includes excellent coaching, additional practices & games, and the opportunity participate in high level tournaments, beyond the scope of traditional AA programs. 

Tryouts will be held in June.

Camp / Tryout Cost & Details

  • PLAYERS: Bring a Black and a White practice jersey EVERY SINGLE DAY (the reversible jerseys are okay)

  • GOALIES: Bring multiple colored practice jerseys EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not Black or White practice jersey.

    ABSOLUTELY NO NAMES ON THE BACK OF JERSEYS. Logos are okay, but these must be practice jerseys.

  • Camp & Tryout Cost: $150.
  • This is a bundled price and can not be separated. Does not include debit / credit card processing fees.
  • Location: Maryville University Hockey Center (Map)
  • Dates & Times: See schedule for age group specifics.

Camp & Tryout Schedule

See the following schedule for Camp & Tryouts. Note: We reserve the right to adjust this at any point in time for any reason. It is 100% your responsibility to check this page frequently for any updates. Do not expect an email.

This schedule information WILL NOT appear in the CrossBar mobile application. You will have to visit this webpage for schedule information. We will start using the mobile application after Tryouts are over.

If you will miss a camp/tryout, please email Brooke Schaub (brooke.schaub@chesterfieldhockey.com)

2013 Birth Year: Coach Bill Ravensberg

Last Updated: June 5th @ 5:15pm

Event Day Date Start End
MEET COACH MON 13-Jun 6:00pm
CAMP MON 13-Jun 6:40pm 7:40pm
CAMP WED 15-Jun 6:40pm 7:40pm
TRYOUT #1 SAT 18-Jun 10:00am 11:20am
TRYOUT #2 SUN 19-Jun 8:50am 10:10am
TRYOUT #3 TUES 21-Jun 6:40pm 7:40pm
TRYOUT #4 THURS 23-Jun 6:40pm 7:40pm

2012 Birth Year: Coaches Matt Lashoff / Jamal Mayers

Last Updated: June 5th @ 5:10pm

Event Day Date Start End
CAMP MON 13-Jun 8:40pm 9:40pm
CAMP TUES 14-Jun 5:50pm 7:20pm
MEET COACH SAT 18-Jun 1:15pm
TRYOUT #1 SAT 18-Jun 2:30pm 3:50pm
TRYOUT #2 SUN 19-Jun 11:50am 1:10pm
TRYOUT #3 TUES 21-Jun 7:50pm 8:50pm
TRYOUT #4 THURS 23-Jun 7:50pm 8:50pm

2011 Birth Year: Coaches Craig Herweck / Connor Crory

Last Updated: May 3rd @ 11am

Event Day Date Start End
MEET COACH SAT 11-Jun 11:00am
CAMP SAT 11-Jun 11:40am 1:10pm
CAMP MON 13-Jun 6:20pm 7:20pm
TRYOUT #1 SAT 18-Jun 1:00pm 2:20pm
TRYOUT #2 SUN 19-Jun 2:40pm 4:00pm
TRYOUT #3 WED 22-Jun 6:40pm 7:40pm
TRYOUT #4 FRI 24-Jun 5:30pm 6:30pm

2010 Birth Year: Coach Nick Lamia

Last Updated: June 13th @ 9:45am

Event Day Date Start End
MEET COACH SAT 11-Jun 11:45am
CAMP SAT 11-Jun 10:00am 11:30am
CAMP MON 13-Jun 7:30pm 8:30pm
TRYOUT #1 FRI 17-Jun 6:20pm 7:40pm
TRYOUT #2 SUN 19-Jun 2:50pm 4:10pm
TRYOUT #3 WED 22-Jun 7:50pm 8:50pm
TRYOUT #4 FRI 24-Jun 6:40pm 7:40pm

2009 Birth Year: Coaches Ryan Atkinson / Salvatore Revetta

Last Updated: June 8th @ 9pm

Event Day Date Start End Groups
MEET COACH SAT 11-Jun 2:15pm
CAMP #1 SAT 11-Jun 3:00pm 4:10pm A-L
CAMP #1 SAT 11-Jun 4:20pm 5:30pm M-Z
CAMP #2 MON 13-Jun 7:50pm 8:50pm A-L
CAMP #2 MON 13-Jun 9:00pm 10:00pm M-Z
TRYOUT #1 SAT 18-Jun 10:40am 12:00pm A-L
TRYOUT #1 SAT 18-Jun 12:10pm 1:30pm M-Z
TRYOUT #2 SUN 19-Jun 8:30am 9:50am See Knights Homepage - www.stlknightshockey.com
TRYOUT #2 SUN 19-Jun 10:00am 11:20am See Knights Homepage - www.stlknightshockey.com
TRYOUT #3 WED 22-Jun 9:00pm 10:00pm See Knights Homepage - www.stlknightshockey.com
TRYOUT #4 FRI 24-Jun 7:50pm 8:50pm See Knights Homepage - www.stlknightshockey.com

2008 Birth Year: Coach Matt Knop

Last Updated: May 3rd @ 11am

Event Day Date Start End
MEET COACH SAT 11-Jun 12:45pm
CAMP SAT 11-Jun 1:20pm 2:50pm
CAMP TUES 14-Jun 7:50pm 8:50pm
TRYOUT #1 SAT 18-Jun 11:30am 12:50pm
TRYOUT #2 SUN 19-Jun 4:10pm 5:30pm
TRYOUT #3 TUES 21-Jun 9:00pm 10:00pm
TRYOUT #4 FRI 24-Jun 7:10pm 8:10pm

Program Cost

Following the conclusion of Tryouts, selected players will be charged the following for the season. This is a program cost and does not include other cost such as uniforms, bags, team fees or etc. If you have any questions regarding this, please reach out PRIOR to signing up for camp & tryouts.

Program Cost Options:

  • Pay it all at once: $3,165
  • Does not include debit / credit card processing fees.

  • Payment Plan: Split into 4 equal installments.
  • Does not include debit / credit card processing fees.
  • The 1st installment charged immediately after Tryouts and Team announcements.
  • The remaining 3 payments charged automatically on September 1st, October 1st and November 1st.

Uniform & Equipment Bag Cost

The cost of game jerseys, game socks & equipment bag IS NOT included in the program cost. Participants will be required to purchase them. You will own them.

Cost & Additional Info Coming Soon.

Team Fees

Program fees cover practice ice and league home game ice times. These fees do not include any potential Team Fees.

Team fees are determined by the individual teams AFTER teams are formed for the season. An example of what team fees may cover include but are not limited to:

  • Tournament fees
  • Party fees
  • Travel fees
  • or any other necessary fees the individual teams and coaches deem necessary to provide the best experience for the team.

Team fees are not optional so in fairness to all individuals on the team, we require any additional team fees to be equally split among the families of those teams, unless other mutual agreements have been put into place by the teams.

USA Hockey Number Fee

You will be required to create a 2022-23 USA Hockey number as part of the Tryout registration (if you have not already done so). The cost are not part of the fees listed above. You will do that on the USA Hockey website.

Note: After you pay for your 2022-23 USA Hockey number, it may take several minutes for that new number ID to propagate throughout the USA Hockey system (which CrossBar uses as a validation reference). This is not in our control. If you face an error message on our Tryout registration stating the number is invalid or not recognized, just wait a few more minutes. Eventually it will process.


Gary Tockman

Hockey Operations - Coaches & Player Development

Brooke Schaub

Registrar - Chesterfield Hockey

Greg Papuga

Communications & Secretary - Chesterfield Hockey


Use the registration button located below.

  • If you are a returning family, use your same CrossBar logins that you used last year. All of your personal information will carry over.
  • If you are a new family, you will be required to create a CrossBar login first. MAKE SURE you add your spouse information (so that they can be associated with your child) AND that you both click on the confirmation link that will be emailed to you as part of this account creation. Your CrossBar login can be used on any website hosted by CrossBar.

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